New Song Relief Fund

In these unprecedented times, community is more important than ever. Congregation Shir Hadash has been the heart of our community for forty years.

During this time of isolation and quarantine, Shir Hadash has found new and creative ways to carry our community. Be it through phone calls to congregants living alone, delivery of supplies to vulnerable members, religious services through live stream, religious school via Zoom or digital preschool story time, Shir Hadash has maintained a robust offering of programs to serve and comfort our community during this crucial time.

These programs have been possible due to the dedication of our incredible clergy, staff, and teachers, who have worked tirelessly from their homes to continue the song of Shir Hadash. Despite all of these efforts, we are facing severe financial uncertainty as many revenue streams are not possible in this time of separation. We ask that you lend your voice to the melody of Shir Hadash by donating to the New Song Relief Fund.

Donate now to continue our song for the next forty years.

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