Shir Hadash History Trivia Quiz

Thank you to all for playing our Shir Hadash History Trivia Quiz. We hope you had fun and learned something new about Shir Hadash, while taking a walk down "Memory Lane." We're busy “grading” your quizzes now, but you can check out the answers to all the questions below.

Prizes will be given to the First, Second and Third place winners, and of course First Place will earn the title of Trivia Quiz Master of the Year! Visit us on May 30, at the Gala Finale Program for these announcements.

Quiz Questions 1-24

  1. What year did we build the sukkah twice and why? 2019. Because it blew over in a windstorm

  2. What was the theme of the first Purim Spiel performed under the direction of Cantor Felder-Levy? West Side Story or the Megillah according to Rock n Roll

  3. What is Rabbi Aron's favorite dessert? Anything chocolate

  4. How many havurot do we currently have at Shir Hadash? 32 active, or 35 including inactive

  5. What is the goal of Campaign 36? to pay off the mortgage

  6. Proceeds from the Gift Shop are used in part to support a fund that benefits our youth in an activity they do over the summer. What is the fund? Religious School's Campership Program

  7. In 1986 Shir Hadash moved into its permanent home. What type of building did we acquire and what was the address? a former Los Gatos school at 16555 Shannon Road

  8. In 1992, we became the caretaker of a special Holocaust memorial Torah Scroll. What is the number of the Sefer Torah Scroll and its country of origin? 1101. Czechoslovakia

  9. What is the focus of the 11th and 12th grade curriculum in our Religious School? Jewish notions of social justice/social action or Jews Around the World

  10. What color T-shirt does Team Madrichim wear? purple

  11. What is the title of the sermon Rabbi Aron gave on Erev Rosh HaShanah 2018, and what is the last word in that sermon? The Visual Generation. Innovative.

  12. Who was the founding Director of the Shir Hadash Early Childhood Center? Robin Adelman

  13. Which member of our clergy spent a year as a rabbinic intern in San Antonio, Texas? Rabbi Aron

  14. Name 4 members currently serving as an officer on the Board of Directors? see current list on our website. There's a lot and everyone got this correct

  15. Who is Cantor Felder-Levy's favorite sports team? San Jose Sharks, Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox

  16. Who was the first Rabbi of Congregation Shir Hadash? Rabbi Jerold B. Levy

  17. SALTY is an acronym for what? Shir Hadash Adolescents Leading Teens & Youth

  18. Which of our Clergy owns a cocker spaniel named Penny? Rabbi PJ Schwartz

  19. Which Scientist in the Synagogue program took place at the highest elevation? Mt. Hamilton, James Lick Observatory tour and lecture

  20. Who was the first President of the Board of Directors of Shir Hadash? Mel Jacobs

  21. The Social Action Committee of Shir Hadash coordinates the annual Healthy Living Fair. Where did the fair take place in 2019? In Gilroy, at St. Mary Parish

  22. Where did the first shabbat service of Congregation Shir Hadash take place? the Presbyterian Church on Cherry Blossom Lane

  23. Navigating through the Shir Hadash website, you may come across a youtube video. What is its topic? there are 6+ - Here's just a few- The Memorial Garden, Shalom Sesame

  24. If you visit our Facebook page you will see Ghostbusters visited our temple this year for Purim. Name them in order, from left to right? Cantor Felder-Levy, Rabbi PJ, Rabbi Aron